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LGR, BI, JU, and EV95 by SMS00 LGR, BI, JU, and EV95 by SMS00
So this is the 3rd installment of my Internet Personalities pictures, the first and second</a> . I do these for lesser known internet people I want to try and get more exposure for.
-For this entry, we have Lazy Game Reviews ; a youtuber who reviews old games and Hardware . He also does videos on interesting tech tales .
-To the right of him we have EvanNova95 ; he does Star Wars videos, in particular his Versus Series and his The history of series.
-On the far left of the pic, we have  BanditIncorporated ; a film, comic nerd, junkie. He does "What it should be" videos like his Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice video,  Brainwaves , and How to do it videos. The RMN, toaster, and RCG are for the videos he features on his channel and has on to discuss movies with.
-Finally, on the bottom half, we have Jordan Underneath ; a horror video game reviewer. With him I included SCP 173 from his review of SCP Containment Breach , the little tooth critter from his Patreon video , and the voodoo doll from his Caddicarus crossover . Also I added the one doll and little, ghost, thingy from his intros. Also I drew him like his old profile pic here .

I highly recommend you go and watch all of these guys' videos and maybe even subscribe. They're all very talented and entertaining.
Note: I do not own anything in this picture, from the YouTube personalities to the stuff they review.
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June 7, 2015
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