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Looming threats by SMS00 Looming threats by SMS00
So this is a lil pic I made showing off the surviving members of the D&D party that started from this quest:… and this:…
I got the posing idea from a scene in a certain "gem related opening song sequence"~
The party on the bottom from left to right goes: Rocky, Volthor, Riniu, and Verrean.
Above we have the heroes looking over the enemies that they've faced/still facing/yet to face. From left to right it goes: RaKoch; the yuan-ti noble who tried taking over the human kingdom, and had held the pony companion of Rocky, Raindrops captive.
We have Orphhine; a mysterious and powerful Sarruhk who took over the Scaledfolk army that was in leagues with RaKoch and ran off with it. Although he aided the adventurers for that, they might still encounter him and come at odds. 
The center one I wont get into because the party hasn't encountered them yet, at least not directly~
Ozane is a half orc monk who was causing chaos around the region, attacking religious sites and assailing the party after they interfered with a plan of his and Rocky bashed his jaw in. Surprisingly, in what seemed to be their penultimate fight, Rocky spared him and had the authorities take him away.
Finally there's the tieifling version of Volthor that popped from a portal and claiming he was from a parrallel world, he quickly ran off to do who knows what in the region. Whether he speaks the truth or is just messing with Volthor is yet to be seen.  

The characters here (besides the party members) are characters belonging to me.
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September 29, 2016
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