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Quest for the Holy Symbol by SMS00 Quest for the Holy Symbol by SMS00
So during last summer I began DMing for some friends of mine, many a couple had not played D&D in a long while, and only very briefly. My friend :iconjensaw101: made a catfolk scout (middle with bow), my friend John made a Elvish cleric named Hima (left of catfolk), my friend :icongnorkoid: made a half-elf ranger named Kelarin (right of catfolk), my friend Patrick made an Earth Pony Monk named Rocky...gonna let that sink in (front), and finally, my friend Tyler made a human druid named Radagast; not even lying (left of Hima, under Fungus).
So the session began with Rocky and the order he was apart of; the Grey Hearts, discovered a glowing rift and a dead human in Equestria. He and a group of 5 others in the order were sent through to investigate, they went through and he appeared outside of an elvish town on the edge of a forest, alone. He entered as the catfolk and Kelarin did from different directions, not long being in the town a horde of Goblins and Spiders attacked. Hima rushed out to fight as did the others (not Radagast because he was a druid living near the town and got knocked out by a goblin first). During the fight though some spiders made their way into the church and stole the holy symbol of Corellon Larethian. The remaining goblins and spiders fled the town with their prize, the locals asked the new comers and Hima to go and retreave it, though not all at once, they were split at first. The groups went in, and had some difficulties with each other, needless to say there was a lot of fighting between each other and the enemies. By the next morning Hima and Rocky had been captured by the Goblins, who it turns out was being organized by a Hobgoblin, who planned to ceremonily kille the two and destroy the symbol for the Goblin God. The catfolk, Kelarin, and Radagast made their way through the forest and into a swamp, their they encountered and fought a fungus (on left hand part of picture), and Forestkith goblins (creature falling with spear and net). Eventually they came upon some half sunken, destroyed ruins, there they fought more goblins and encountered the Hobgoblin. Hima and Rocky managed to escape bondage and join in the comotion. But then a massive spider who had been waiting attacked them all and by the end all were knocked out except I believe Kelarin. Upon searching the corpse of the Hobgoblin the group found a letter from a Noble from the kingdom to the east named RaKoch giving instructions on what to do with the holy symbol. With that the adventurers travelled back to the town and the quest was complete.
Note: I do not own MLP, or D&D. And the characters made my friends I also do not own.
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April 20, 2013
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