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Shadow of Israphel by SMS00 Shadow of Israphel by SMS00
So I was indroduced to the wonderful world of Yogscast on youtube located here: [link] by my friend :iconjensaw101: . The two characters were in their first series indroduced to the main villain of the series Israphel. With him was his two minions Creeper-Boss and Zombie-Boss, both I put here. Israphel is a little unknown, he's an undead and has a cult but the rest of his past is very shady. He has pale skin, red eyes and wears black. Creeper-Boss has the enact ability to place TNT and not die when it goes off, I think he's a Creeper human hybreed created by Israphel. Zombie-Boss for some reason has blood always on his chest, and when he first faced our heros he had a crap load of axes, so I gave him one in this pic. Both him and Creeper-Boss are holding up a peice of porkchop, because they both also drop loads of those everywhere when they die. I drew all of them standing in front of the Great Desert which I've dubbed the Corrupt Desert.
I wanted to draw Israphel in human-like style, but left his minions in Minecraft form because they look kewl that way XD. I felt like actually drawing something for once lately, and of course it has to be Minecraft yet again XD .
Note: I do not own Minecraft, Israphel and minions or the Yogscast
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May 9, 2011
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