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Wars of Salt and Diamonds by SMS00 Wars of Salt and Diamonds by SMS00
Yes I know it looks like crap, the scanner I'm using sucks!
So this is a continuation of the Dnd campaign I'm in with this group: [link] . The Half-Oger ran off after our Owl-Bear encounter. After getting to the Tower outside the town of Thork, we defeated a Drow who was about to sacrfice a guy in the name of his cult, a cult to a mindflayer named 'Lethicu'. We also discovered that the man we saved had some strange markings on his arm. We got back to the town, I don't we were really rewarded, besides the fact that Tundra was let into the town's library (he learned Infernal from his studies).
Anyway, a day later the town's head Gaurdsman told us of dissipearing supplies from their port town to Thork. We were told to investigate Kobolds in the north, and Gnolls to the northwest. We could ask for help in Thork's allies the gnomes on our way to those places. We went to the Gnomes village and then to the Gnolls, we killed some but found no evidence of the supplies.
We then went to the kobolds, we went into the mines and discovered a massive diamond mining opperation, but no supplies. When we tried to investigate for the supplies our ranger Jordy was almost captured. But in a brave act of courage our Pony friend Starshine went in and warned him to get out. Unfortunetly she was captured as we fled the mountains. She was thrown into a net, serverly beaten and then had her wings broken. :(
Immediatly Tundra, Jordy and the newly named druid Togaf ran as fast as we could to get help against the 500 some kobolds. Togaf ran to Thork to warn them, whilest Tundra and Jordy tried to get help from the gnomes. Funny story....turns out they were the ones stealing the supplies, and when we returned they decided to kill us. The only reason they didn't before was because there was 4 of us, now it was just Tundra and Jordy. We fled on our way to Thork when we were routed by Thork's war caravan. The main reason they brought an army to fight the kobolds was I think for the Diamonds only, saving the pony was a bonus.
So Tundra, Jordy, Togaf, and the Head Gaurdsmen led an brutal assault that annilated the kobolds from the region.
After the pony was saved and a little healing from Tundra's magic, the adventures (minius pony) led a brutal assault on the Gnomes, killing off all the fighters. So in conclusion of the Wars of Salt and Daimonds, Thork gained the Diamond mines of the northern mountains, and annexed the gnome village. Seeing this during his week of rest afterwords Tundra realized that he just helped a mainly human town become more powerful, and began plainging the town's down fall. During a point in the hospital Starshine was awakened by the Head Gaurdsmen who was reading a book she discovered in the Tower (this book told of Lethicu in a fairy tale type of way). She noticed that he also had the same strange markings as the man we saved from the tower.
Note: I finally know how to draw Togaf from one of my friend's drawings. Unfortunetly I dtill don't know what the ranger looks like.
Note2: Yes more MLP love *sigh*
Note3: I do not own Dnd, or MLP
LiviaVorange Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I love the way you draw the eyes and the facial expressions. The "For diamonds! And my friends." section made me lulz. :heart:
SMS00 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2011
He is a little greedy druid isn't he. Thankx :)
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