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Hello watchers. Here again with a new promotional work of one of my good friends. He made this awesome AMV of May Little Witch Academia and "I'm a Believer". Go take a look and give it some love. :D…

And hey, maybe this friend won't kick me off their service and block me on all communication. That would be stellar. 
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Hey all, been a major long while since I've put up a journal. Haven't seen the need to really since I mainly just post my own art trash at random when I feel like drawing every now and then.

Anyway today I want to show off my friend :iconTheMadCrow: 's new patreon and help them get some people to sign up. They make really great art, including some I had comissioned:  Maple - Commish by TheMadCrow and  Bucket Knight - Commish by TheMadCrow

Here's the link, go give some love:
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Free Sketch Requests.
Okay, I took another free sketch Request. In exchange, I have to offer free sketches in return. In exchange, to get the free request from me, you must post a journal to offer 5 free sketches to others yourself. I never fill these, but I am going to do 5.
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So Winter break is just starting for me, a lot of free time will be opening up. I hope to get a few drawings done and add them to the site for the few of you who do watch my art.

In other news I've recently found interest in a pony economics game known as >CLOP ( ); a game where you sell your resources on the market and compete with other nations to dominate the economy. Come join me (Galnor) and my Alliance the "Order of the Golden Silence", we'll have some fun, maybe see some warfare, who knows.

Here's looking to the future.

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So since summer is here and I'm free from University for a couple of months, I have more time to draw. So I was wondering what should I draw more of, I have a back log of stuff I've been meaning to get around to drawing.
-Shall I continue my Applejack and Dr. Whooves series? Alen Who? by SMS00
-Do more D&D pictures from either the Rocky Campaign: Quest for the Holy Symbol by SMS00 BKC: Four will enter, only three will leave by SMS00 or Lethicku campaign: The River and Forest by SMS00
-Some more comics with DLT and Rarity where they go meet famous people and memes on the internet: Rarity meets DLT by SMS00
-Just more generic MLP fandom art for the views and favs: ThankxLF by SMS00
-Some Creepypasta: In Blackest Day, in Creepest Night by SMS00
-Some interesting fight scenes from the SKC v. AC Tournament: SKC V AC Tournament by SMS00
Give me some of your thoughts what you want to see from me. I hope to get better with my art and improve in all aspects, especially backgrounds. *shakes fist*
Bye for now.

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Ok so its been awhile since the last journal, not a whole lot of art drawn so not a whole lot to say. Except the art I do post the majority of you watchers dont do jack anything when I do. If you watch me I expect its for my art that you find interesting, at least a comment would be nice. If you watch me for no other reason than "Oh well you watched me" or "You favored something of mine" then get out of here, you're not wanted.
In lighter news I would like to mention that apparently there is a scanner here at the University so I can scan pictures. That is if I draw something to scan in the first place. <.<  >.>  <.<
A big news peice I want to bring up is the Kickstater for Unforgotten Quest . Whats that you might ask? Well it's based off the internet show Unforgotten Realms: Orignal series:… , Reboot Series the games based off:… . They even have their own group here on DA: :iconunforgotten-realms: I strongly recommend you go check the series out, and take a look at the kickstarter, maybe tell your friends, possibly even contribute.

And as if that shameless whoring wasent enough, heres some Deviants here that you should go to check out their works: :iconjensaw101::iconbirdofanewfeather::icongnorkoid::iconmr-ranger:
The last journal does have over 1,800 views, which is pretty sweet even if I don't know how it's possible. Lets see how much this gets. XD
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Ok yes, not a lot uploaded recently, even though its now early July. I've been rather busy, apparently once High school ends you become insanely more social. Anyway, I have stuff being prepared now, I start uploading later this week when I get back from my cabin. I have lots of ideas to do, and lots of your favs to take.
But in the mean time I have two lovely artists here who I think you'll all enjoy. Both of them do insanely good art, and I know them from school (the real world) so it's totally not odd.
The first one up is :iconbirdofanewfeather: , she does all different kinds of art including; traditional, Digital, and Photography. She loves birds (hence name) and draws a bunch of them including other animals. Heres some of her work: Raptor by BirdOfANewFeather Hawk Sunrise by BirdOfANewFeather Cool Cat (Storm) by BirdOfANewFeather Whip-poor-will by BirdOfANewFeather Crane by BirdOfANewFeather Great Horned Owl by BirdOfANewFeather
Next up is :icongnorkoid: , she does more fantasy art and other otherwordly things. As of now shes done a lot of robot type of drawings. But she's told me that she plans on doing some other things, perhapse Lord of the Rings? Shes some of her work: Overtaken by Gnorkoid Robotic Man by Gnorkoid Arise by Gnorkoid Surprise Attack by Gnorkoid Dystopia by Gnorkoid Two Wolves by Gnorkoid
I hope you like these two and their works, help get them the attention they deserve, cause I know they are 100 times better than me and the stuff I produce here. Also check out :iconjensaw101: as usual, make him produce more. The more attention you give us the more likely we'll make more stuff for you. Have a nice day/night. :)
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With school coming to a close soon it will loosen up some free time for me, meaning I'll have more time to do art and put up here. Not that it matters to you 74 watchers because most of you are useless beat necks who for some reason watch me but never fav or comment on any of my art. Very helpful, very helpful. An optimist would see 74 and think that I've gotten a good sized following of loyal watchers, a pessimist would say thats not high enough. An objectivist who say that most of them are mindless bot-drones who don't do anything.

As in art to look forward to from me heres some stuff I'll be working on, MLP, TGS Podcast, Minecraft, and a lot of Dungeons and Dragons.
In other news, some recent groups I've joined are the new group :iconunforgotten-realms: which is a fanart group of the web series of the same name:… . And also :icontgspodcast: which I now help manage (though I sadly had to give up my Contributors position over at :iconhiddensoundvillage: first), the group is based off the Youtube webseries brought to you by the Game Station:… .
Heres some videos for your enjoyment (Not all Pony related):
-Animatic Comic: Origin Story - Fluttershy (MLP):…
-My Little Prometheus:…
-Top Ten Pony Videos for March 2012-Community Voted:…
-The Ghostbusters Escape from the City:…
-Everybody Lives - A Doctor Who Tribute:…
-"Fallen Kingdom" - A Minecraft Parody of Coldplay's Viva la Vida (Music Video):…
-My Little Pony Friendship is Magic "We are No Pushovers" Hub Promo:…
-The Fawlty Towers hotel - Fawlty Towers - BBC:…
-PMV ♫Flutterdash♫ Just the way you are:…
-Tara Strong and John de Lancie at Calgary Expo Brony Panel:…
-Scottish Fold munchkin:…
-Gay Marriage : Foamy The Squirrel:…
-Top Ten Pony Videos for April 2012-Community Voted:…
-*FAN-MADE* My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Trailer [Final Cut]:…
-Your Arguments Are Invalid: Gay Marriage:…
-Anthony Bourdain eats Rainbow Dash:…
-Friendship is Civilization (feat. Baba Yetu):…
-Pony Avengers:…
-Ponies of the Caribbean: At Equestria's End:…
As a send off for this journal (if the videos didn't seizure you enough) I'll be once more promoting my friend :iconjensaw101: , heres some of his works: Doctor and Derpy Return to AC by Jensaw101 FireWalk Dark by Jensaw101 Starshine's Lament by Jensaw101 Pokemon Obsidian Teaser by Jensaw101 Shejin concept Sketch by Jensaw101 The End of Innocence by Jensaw101
If your interested in my work (not many of you are ya liars) then you'll love his work, I'd recommend going over and watching him. Cause if he has more active watchers then he'll feel compelled to do more art, and stop spaming me with his essays and all kinds of stuff.
Ok, well that was a journal, hope it was of some entertainment, look forward to some actual work done by me soon.
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Ya so time for a journal. This upcoming Friday I shall be off to England and France for my spring break. I'll be gone for like around 10 days so don't expect and amature drawings and stuff from me for a while. When I get back I bet I'll have a crap done of stuff in my message box.
Anyway, some other info to tell is that in two of the groups I administer we're having contests; :iconmy-little-bronies: is having a plushie contest, and :iconscaledraces: is having a 1 year anniversary contest. Go on and participate in them, it's encouraged.
Now for some videos off the web if your interested:
Honey Badger:…
Black and White play through:…
Amnesia play through:…
Total Halibut and Jesse play Terraria:…
Some lovely bits of art done for by me, wish to show them off to give them more credit and  
views: :thumb285727063: Wrath by Tonnie95 Request: OC Pony: Starshine by WingWind:thumb288365993: Rainbow Factory 70 - Everybody Panic by petirep (bottom right is my OC)
Some artists I admire and that you should take a look at: :iconpetirep::iconembers-glow::iconjensaw101::iconvirus-91::iconrachelegranger::iconwingwind::iconjesshiku-chan::iconsouthparkphilosopher:
Now lets see if we can have some discussions here. I'll post some topics, give my opinion, and then would like to here/read yours.
Topic #1: As for my MLP watchers (the rest can move on to the next topics) I watched the latest episode this last Saturday like most. After watching it I had mixed feelings, it was a Fluttershy episode so that should have made me happy. And sure she develops as a character, butttttttt heres the deal. Mass genisde of Ponyville....not even close to my hatred of most of the ponies in that town now. The way most of them treated Fluttershy for no good reason, horrid, and in the end they really didn't solve anything with the cruel citizens. Sure Fluttershy learned her lesson but everyone in the town is still an asshole, and Angel, I've been hating that furball since day 1, lets have some bunny soup already. Plus the episode seemed rushed, granted the episodes can only be 22 min. max, but I still think Fluttershy turned evil way to quick. What are your thoughts on the episode?
Topic #2: As some may know  Amnesia the Dark Descent is getting a sequel; A Machine for Pigs: . The artist for the concept art is here on DA even: . Anyway, what do you think of the news, do you think the new game will be good as the old one, maybe better? I just hope it expands more on the lore of the old game, that was my favorite part of The Dark Descent.
Topic #3: As of recent I've been posting more and more of "Fanart" mainly of MLP, with little bits of my original work like my OC DLT Dark Lord Tundra Supreme Commander by SMS00 which hardly any of you noticed. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the art I draw and put up here, but is it time to change tacktics perhapse? Do more realistic drawings, draw humans, be more artistic like an actuall artist? (I've done no such thing up to this point). Maybe find some tutorials and draw some sketched apples perhapse? Or just go about drawing Ponies and Minecraft and leaching off my groups I'm in? What do you think for me, cause lord knows I can't explain sh*t well.
Have a nice day, I'll see you all when I'm back from Europe. Au revoir, Arrivederci, Auf Wiedersehen
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So this journal will have a lot of content since I don't like doing a whole mess of journals. I'll start off by saying Happy New Year (like everyone else on teh interent. I got some interesting stuff for X-Mas, including; a headset, many Green Lantern Graphic Novels and amazon moneyz to spend on books for my Kindle. I also bought a crap ton of games on sale on Steam, if it wasen't for the massive sales I probobly wouldn't have bought anything.
With the passing of 2011, let me share the top 10 things that had my interests the most, the things that I put my free time (not sleeping, eating, breathing, or shool) into for the WHOLE year:
1. DeviantArt (duh)
2.Dr. Who:
3.The Young Turks:
4. The Yogscast:…
5.Minecraft (don't have to elaberate)
6. My Little Pony FIM (I'm sure I don't have to elaberate)
8.Unforgotten Realms:
9. Amazon Kindle
10. Amensia: The Dark Descent:…
Now lets focus on DA and my activites here around this year....Fanart, simple 1 excuse for why most of you are here reading this now. In the winter months of of 2011 I began to play Minecraft, in doing so I found out the screen shot mechanics. I took some in game pics, put them up here on DA and got this:… . Look how many views and favs I got for that!!! I took a picture inside a game! I had no where near that amount of favs and views for 1 picture up until then! Towards the end of summer when I got into MLP I started drawing pony pictures, now I have far more favs, views, and watchers. Fanart, thats how I got here.
Which brings us to the serious/harsh part of the joural. Over the time I've been on Da, I've gained quiet a few watchers, I actually have 51 now. But for some reason I don't hear from the majority of you lot at all! Most of you are watch-backs or fav backs, or in the most extreme cases; I said "Welcome to the group" and you watch me! How does this work!? Your suppost to watch people for their art work, thats it! If you don't like their art work, then don't watch them! Now many of you new people watch me for the ponies, of course when I put up something original that involves no fanart, it's left in the dust! If your not here for my art, or just for a particular fandom I happen to draw and nothing else, I don't want you here.
Now back to lighter news, if any of you are still left. I have here some video clips of just random stuff I think people will like.
Dr. Who:………
Music Videos:……
Because I hate you:……
Lot of videos right, well me and 2 friends have a somewhat of an arms race going on on Facebook, we just keep throwing new stuff at each other.
Now it's time for Quote time: "I don't know the key to sucess, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." -Bill Cosby
Now time to shamlessly give some shout outs to several groups I'm working in so to raise awarness and activity in them:
Also in my favs I added a new folder called "Epic Art", thats where I'll put all the extremely good looking pictures I find and put them in one little area for me to enjoy.
And now with the end of this journal I would like to give some high lights of artists that I think are really rising and will become great artists in their own rights. You should go and check them out when you get the chance:
Thats all for now folks, lets hope 2012 is greater than even 2011!
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So as I last checked apparently I reached over 10,000 pageviews, this is interesting to me. I had just reached a mere 9,000 pageviews on October 6th. I can only draw one conclusion from this, it's that dang pony group!
That's right :iconmy-little-bronies: now finally has a group icon, and I've been promoted to Co-Founder of the group (those who read my journals should know why). Anyway I've gotten a bunch of new watchers from it, many I don't know why exactly, but I can guess it's merely because I great them when the join the Brony group I oversee. I would prefer you watch me for my art (crapy I know) and not because I said hello :/ .
In other news I've tried to rise up the group :iconmanatee-lovers: which invited me to join them. I've tried my best to get art into it and attract new members, but the manatee fandom isn't as big as lets say MLP, not by a long shot. Needless to say I will try to develop a fandom so more people feel inclined to draw manatee pictures.
My group :iconscaledraces: is doing pretty well, I hope to like the Manatee group increase the fandom of Yuan-tis, Lizardfolk, and kobolds here on DA.
For current projects (if thats what you call my loose string of drawings that I do whenever I feel like) I'm still working of the MLP/Minecraft crossover pictures. I'm also doing my two D&D scenario drawings for both groups (although they might try to kill each other in both cases is my bet).
Well I think thats all to cover, once again shameless advertisment for :iconjensaw101: because he needs the love to damnit, don't make me break out the horrid creation for a girlfriend I made him! You will not like that, or most likely you nuts will....
Well have a good day/night, see you around.
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So just a journal keeping the few of you who read these updated with me and real-life comrades' art lives.
-My friend and former deviant art user Patrick has since he subcame to the Virius of MLP has created an account on Icanhascheezburger: . He's so far has gotten several pictures on the frontpage of the Ponymemebase, clap for him my brony associats.
-My group :iconscaledraces: is having a contest until November 18th, it's a Seven Deadly Sins contest with scaled creatures. If you feel like participating feel free to, we even have some prizes going up.
-Remember the last journal I had when I mentioned the group :iconmy-little-bronies: I was helping out? It only had like 30 members at the time. XD .....wellllll now it has 165 members/186 watchers, and close to 3000 pageviews. The group has affiliate with all sorts of other MLP groups, in the process of me collecting affiliates I stumbled upon someone who paid for our group to become a Super Group. So now it can do journals and stuff. Anyway it is also having a contest, an icon contest for our group (finally), so if your interested feel free to participate in that also.
-Finally my ol' chum :iconjensaw101: updated his Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenge comic series, go check it out:… .
Have a good day/night, hope you raise your voices once in awhile. :)
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Yes well I recently looked at my status and now I have around 9030 page views. And what do I have to show for it really? Well, a few things really.
- My group :iconscaledraces: is now at 80 members, and a whole slew of affiliates as well. My goal to unite all of the lovers of the Scaley races from Dungeons and Dragons is going swimmingly. Hopefully if I ever leave Da it will be able to survive through the people I leave in charge of it.

-My D&D adventure pics are still being jugged out, here are two of the latests from the groups I'm in:…;.

-I'm also still working on my MLP/Minecraft pictures, I still have a few to work on.  Here are some of the latest:… .

-In my quest to get those pics into as many groups as I could to get myself some more fame I accedently joined a group to submit them, :iconmy-little-bronies: . Now though I have taken it upon myself to increase the group and gain it fame, even if I'm not a high ranking member in it (can only be in 3). I've done so well that in the weekish that I've been a member I've doubled the group's membership by taking in people's pictures, this gets them interested to join. And I've gained the group 8 affiliates as well.

-I hope to continue with more art trades from :iconwe-love-art-trades: to gain me more lovely pictures, which is the main goal here on Da. :)

-I do seem to have a lot of watchers, but most of you don't seem to really watch me. I have like one person who I know watches my stuff and isn't affraid to give his opinon, something I wish I got more from the lot of you. And he is :iconjensaw101: , try to be more like him. In which I leave this :iconwatchmestmp1plz::iconwatchmestmp2plz:

Hope you all have a good evening/day (depending on where you are in the world). And as for the rest of my time here on Da, I just have one word to say from the new Sci-Fi show I've been watching recently. Allons-y!
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So as you know tomorrow is the 17th, which means the internet will crash. How is this? Simple, the begining of My Little Pony: Friendship is magic Season 2 begins. Now I don't have to tell you what that is hopefully, I'm sure you've seen the virus that is it's fandom in some corner of the internet in the past few months. Well, it's all going to explode tomorow, and I wish you all good luck as everything is spammed by Friendship and tolerance. :social:
In other Real Life News, I have joined my school's newspaper for my second year. But this years different, not only do we have a print edition, but we have a website. So we can post articles about all sorts of stuff online. We also have a facebook and twitter account (odd huh). I'm also joined by meh buddy :iconjensaw101: who has also returning to the paper this year.
Hope you all have a good day/night. :)
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Ya, I again will be gone for an expansive trip. Though I hardly don't see the point in even posting this really, because no one seemed to notice last time of the like two dozen watchers I supposidly have. Why the fuck do these people watch me, I have like 2-3 people look at my stuff actually, and like 2 of those I have to show them myself.
So what ever really.
Note: If you have a atr trade with me and your wondering why I havent responded, this is why.
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Right so I'll be gone for the next 10 days and we'll return on the 29th. I'll be in Washington D.C. for the National Youth Leaders Conference. Wish me luck everyone, have a great time. :D
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So it's been awhile since I've posted a new journal so I decided to show off some videos I created.
-First off is an Emerald Wars Video (… ). The video was created by my friend :iconcussick2: , and directed by me.…
For AP European Class we had to make a video on a era in time, I choose Nationalism and Imperialism. Unfortunetly I made it over twice the size it was suppost to be, heres the 3 parts.
-Part 1:…
-Part 2:…
-Part 3:…
Hope you enjoy. :)
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I was going to hold off a little more from telling you (the loyal watchers) of a group I created here: . I finally put it together, got some affiliations, and some people to let their art be put in it. But other than that no one seems to keen on actually becoming a member. So if any of you have any ideas or suggestions on how to rack members in that would be superb.
Also recently I was at a FIRST robotics tournament so I had a lot of spare time to draw and got up a few pictures yesterday. I have one more which will be colored with my tablet, so look forward to that in the future, or don't.
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I'm looking for several people to help me in the creation of a D&D Scaled Races group here on dA, as either co-founders, or contributors. The focus of the group will be Nagas, Yuan-tis, Lizardfolk, Troglodytes, Sarrukh and Tren ect.
Heres some information on the scaled races:




Heres some of my own Dnd works, some which will go into the group hopefully.
Recruiting can begin at these places: :icondndeviants: :iconsnake--love:

If you are interested, please send me a note. Or post in this journal.
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Ya I got tagged, wont mention who, *glare*. But I was going to post a journal about stuff anyway.
1. Post these rules on journal entry if you are tagged.
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves in their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons in the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs!!!!!!!!

1) A great influence has as of now seemingly abandoned mine and :iconjensaw101: 's work. "Supposidly"
2) Am pissed at current politcs
3) After venturing into several other groups, I've discovered that Minecraft fanart has been the most "benefitcal" in showing off my work
4) Snakes, Squids, and manatees RULE!
5) Is pondering on wether to leave :iconanimayshunultra: and/or :iconhelp-me-improve: (your guy's thoughts?)
6) Is wondering why he has so many watchers and yet only 3-srry 2 r3espond to anything I do, plzzzz it you dont like my art leaveee.
7) Is constantenly plugging his friend :iconjensaw101: to people to see if they'll go to him, this plan has yet to work.
8) N is for Night Drake, for which I've released into cyberspace around DA to prevent anyone from leaving.
9) I also have a dragon, snake, and wolf/husky form that would kill anything evil(me and my crazy imagination)
10) Is not tagging anyone, because Jensaw wont do it, and the other is the one who tagged me!
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