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Hey all, been a major long while since I've put up a journal. Haven't seen the need to really since I mainly just post my own art trash at random when I feel like drawing every now and then.

Anyway today I want to show off my friend :iconTheMadCrow: 's new patreon and help them get some people to sign up. They make really great art, including some I had comissioned:  Maple - Commish by TheMadCrow and  Bucket Knight - Commish by TheMadCrow

Here's the link, go give some love:
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asenla Featured By Owner Edited Nov 9, 2016…

you paid for this... woah boy Sweating a little... 

i draw like okiish..not so badissh..need practice-ish, but this commission is so simple looking, i can see not much effort was made the outline is not proper it's popping out in random places and the feet don't even have toes =P (Razz) clearly she was going for designing a hemline and delicate embroidery but towards the end (bottom of the shirt) it's like 'i give up' draw squiggly lines our o'l faithful. 

Please don't think this is an attack or criticizing her drawing (i'm no one to do that) in fact i like the second commission that looks super clean for a rough sketch and her colored works are amazing. I'm just very surprised, as a customer you should expect a quality product. (Or was this commission for points...then it makes sense)
SMS00 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2016
I paid her for it cause I know her in person and want to drive her to keep creating art, with pay preferably. 
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