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Obviously I may be biased since I requested this picture be done of the character, and gave the recommendations for the outfits. So take that in mind when reading my critique. Having said that, I intend on giving some constructive criticism to help the artist improve and better his talents.
Not gonna comment on the outfit much since I recommend most of it, so we'll focus on figure structure and overall appearance of the piece.
Pretty decent for an attempt on a character you've been given a vague description of to draw.
The most impressive part that comes right to mind is the legs and feet. Personally I suck at drawing feet at times, so it's always a surprise when someone knows how to do it.
Right are is really well done (though the shoulder plate could be a bit bigger), but the left arms a bit short and the left hand looks more like a club.
The hair looks good (though the back part in the hood isn't shown), but the hood is so wide apart that it seems he has an afro under there or something.
The chest and waist are a bit too straight from top to bottom. The chest should be a bit wider than the waist. Also the belts from the waist done, they look like they're painted on rather than physically there. Try having them pop out on the sides so it look like they're going around to the back.
Finally, to make the character pop out more you're gonna want to utilize 'depth'. To do this you're gonna want to do some shading in parts where the light (choose where it's coming from) doesn't hit to much. Like behind the legs against the robes, and coming from the sides and back.
Overall a decent picture with plenty of room for improvement.
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DancerXFox Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I agree.  I will try something else.  Going off the drawings you submitted and trying different poses would help the process along.  Also I may just need to go back over it with shading because I got super distracted drawing up the clothes details.  Thanks for writing a super detailed critique.
SMS00 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017
No problem. Glad to help someone improve in their artistic endeavors. :)
Oh yeah looking at references when trying to draw new poses I find helps a ton. 
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